Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rainy Day Thinking...

Those days when the rain just keeps dripping off the eves and you don't want to do much but sit and listen to it are good days for taking note of stuff that you've run through your mind on better days.

For example, why are we still racing NASCARs? The whole idea behind car racing was to develop cars. Things learned in the racing world would track back up into the engineering department and show up on commercial cars. Racing was a great way to foment new ideas using competition and advertising revenue- all good things if you believe in progress and stuff. So now that we are all collectively smacking up against a new world that runs on clean and renewable fuels, why are we still racing cars with combustible engines? That technology has run up against its own walls of physical limitations (how much power can you squeeze from a drop of combustible material?) while solar, battery and electric have much room to improve. In this recession, why not have electric car races and solar car races and whatnot to propel the engineering the way racing once improved gas mileage in compacts?

Why not hide wind generating windmills underground? Rather than pockmark the world with tall poles and three-pronged propellers, why not bury a tunnel on the top of ridges, and hide the propelling apparatus in these tunnels? There are ridges all around cities that could contain these tunnels, and the view would consists of small dark spots (think cave openings) rather than silly looking towers and tines. The tunnels could be funnel-shaped, allowing the venturi-effect to be effective. Why, oh why, do wind farms have to be so ugly?

What's gonna happen when cyber-thieves figure out a way to cyber-steal from an increasingly electrified money system? Taking O's from one place or adding O's to another? I mean, how hard could that be? Someday soon, we'll all be back hoarding real money under our mattresses, as cyber-theft becomes too easy.

If that Subway dude Jerrod or whatever his name is lost all that weight eating a subway sandwich everyday, can I lose even more weight eating five or six sandwiches everyday?

If dead people can come back to funerals and "look down" on you, what stops them from watching you sneak a little masturbatory pleasure in the bath? Or that anal thing you and your spouse just discovered... is your Aunt Floe able to "look down" on that? Better, I say, that dead people are truly dead. Ditto for that Santa Claus fella who's supposed to know stuff too...

Why is there no "e" on the word develop?

Is milk good for you or bad for you?

If we've had nuclear submarines since the fifties, how come we don't have nuclear trains?


Anonymous said...

And why do kids have to play their guitars so loudly?

Sorry, you ust got me into a "why" mood.

Jeannie said...

Nuclear power has bad connotations which the military doesn't really care about. If the military needed trains then nuclear trains might well be developed.

The whole "dead people looking down on us" always kind of freaked me out too.

Cyber-theft is getting pretty bad. I'm amazed so many have become so dependent on going cashless - the system goes down and people are totally unprepared to deal with it.

Cheesy said...

Why don't you go have a beer with 5 subways?

Shrinky said...

Stop making my brain bleed.

I happen to like those wind turbo thingies, to me they look like giant daisies on speed.

And if my parents ARE looking down on me, they're glad they disowned me when alive.

Formula cars, like super-bikes are a necessary evil, they give impotent macho-men somewhere to displace their aggression.

Mothers milk is very good for you as a baby, it's possibly a little dubious continued into adulthood.

You've got me on the rest..

Jonas said...

Worthwhile thoughts all...hehe.

kario said...

Can I just point out that you chose "Aunt Floe" to watch over sex acts? Was that intentional or a Freudian slip?