Friday, February 27, 2009

Trees Have Leaves And Mums Have Wrinkles...

When I was a kid, I played goalkeeper for most of the teams I played for, and I had to squint to see who was doing what on the far end of the field. This was never too problematic, as I would always know who scored for us by watching who got jumped on running back to the midfield line.
I've always been just a wee bit near-sighted, and I used to have a pair of badly scratched glasses that slid around on the dash of whatever truck I owned, waiting for those days and nights of driving by the signs on the way to someplace I'd never been before (especially in the Bay Area where the wrong lane could put you on a toll bridge into the city where getting turned around meant looking for a street that got back on the same bridge and took up most of an hour to do...)
My eyes have always been "good enough" but not all that good. Not at a distance, anyway.
So when Mum and I got back from California, (after driving around lost in the East Bay) I went to the eye doctor and got checked out and bought a new pair of glasses (I lost my other pair maybe four years ago. )
Holy crap! I forgot that trees have individual leaves and aren't just big lollipops of variegated green.
I can now see that HD TV is pretty cool.
I can see that it is not easy to drive around with an expired registration hoping that a cop "won't notice" because it's not hard to notice.
Those girls walking on distant sidewalks aren't nearly as pretty as I imagined them.
I need to get out the duster on the pole and get some cobwebs in the living room.
There are far more flying things at dusk than I remember.
I let the girl who sold glasses at the Optometrist pick these out for me.
"Whatever you pick will be better than what I'd choose..."
So... whaddya think?


writtenwyrdd said...

Those look very good on you! And I think you look a lot like my ex hubs (which isn't a negative comment in any way)

I've worn glasses off and on for years because of headache problems and astygmatism. I LIKE wearing glasses. But they're a bit of a hassle at times. For the last five years I've had to wear them because my eyes are incredibly light sensitive (even indoors) and I had to have the tint. Now I have to have them to read, and I switched to trifocals last november. (But I still can pass an eye test without them, believe it or not.)

Cheesy said...

Hey not too bad kiddo, she picked good ones...Very professor-ish!

No way in hell could I survive the world without my specs..but I hate getting new ones. I am already blind how the hell am I supposed to know what looks acceptable? Those trial frames have plain glass!

I am curious to see how you feel "seeing" again effects you photos~~~

Cheesy said...


Jeannie said...

Good choice!
I picked out a few pair last time and let my daughter and the glasses lady pick the "best" ones.

I've been wearing glasses since I was 15. I remember clearly looking at the trees and seeing individual leaves - it was amazing! My eyes are pretty bad now and I need bifocals (sort of - I read fine print better with no glasses at all but can't read it with my prescription for distance)

meno said...

I think i look much better when you don't have your glasses on.

fairyhedgehog said...

Looking good!

Anonymous said...

Identical to mine so they must be good.

Stucco said...

I'd've recommended the tried-and-true Malcolm X 50's safety glasses. That or the big red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.

Probably best to not take my eyewear advice. You ended up with banker glasses.

Nikky said...

I love them! I hate getting new glasses, too, and have managed to put it off too long. Inspired by you, I have written down the number of my optomotrist(sp?) to call them tomorrow to make an appointment.

sexy said...