Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Game For 2009...

I went to a local woman's 61st birthday last night, and the talk around the table was 2009. Everybody had a prediction about something, and everybody seemed to be a little concerned for one reason or another.

What say ye on the subject?

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Jeannie said...

Your video was removed. I think the economy should get worse. I think unions should back down and be sensible and look at the big picture. I think execs of companies operating in the red should get pay cuts too. Drastic.
This will make it a rough time for a few years but if everyone wises up and stops thinking they are entitled, North Americans can become a hard-working population that makes quality goods. This will make things good again.

But what should and will happen could be messed up by government interference in the wrong way, greed and corruption everywhere and an even worse but delayed collapse. God help us all if we have protracted drought again like in the thirties.