Monday, September 18, 2006

The Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival And An Outta Site Manager

I had a whole story to tell you about the Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival and how I got involved and how it started and how I became the Outta Site Manager and was given this T-shirt to wear during the festival itself so people would look at me differently than, say, a paying customer and I could tell them what to do.

I had plans to lay the groundwork with a bit of a sojourn into my childhood where my Mum had people coming and going from the house, all carrying something that sounded good when strummed or was blown into or whacked on with little sticks.

I was going to explain my motivation for volunteering the first year-- back in 1997, I believe-- me being a carpenter with a bit of ability, the rest of the folks trying to put on a Folk festival not being too handy but being rather keen on listening and hanging out.

The trouble is, the story is rather long and my time is rather short. I have been online "chatting" this evening, learning how to LOL and LMAO and ROFLMAO and what have you. I have been "flirting" with women. I have been online "dating". I have been enjoying myself and the company of a few good women who have bothered to be interested in me and what I type.

What I have learned from the venture is this-- there are some pretty cool chicks all over the globe, looking for a great guy to sweep them off of their feet (or at least not be a total screw-up and a drunk and a loafer...)
As I look around my neighborhood and my paths to the market and my route to my jobs, I think-- "WHO KNEW?"

Man, I gotta get out there where they all are. All of them. All beautiful. All lovely. All loving and sincere and needy and not needy and HUMAN!!!.

It is amazing the humanity you can find by simply putting yourself in the stream. It's like when you decide it is time to put your feet and then the rest of you in the water, you discover how much you enjoy being wet.

Chicks all over are simply the most attractive thing ever. They all say they like chocolate, but I say, they ARE chocolate. Sweet, addictive, seductive... The closest thing to religiousity I'll ever eat. All with secret hidden nuggets. Specials swirls. Nougats!

Some say, the subsitute for love is chocolate. This, apparently, is true. I have just raided the freezer. I had half a frozen Snickers bar left over, from the last time I got all gooey and maudlin and distempered.

I ate it while "chatting" with women.

Don't tell me the Fruedian implications. I KNOW!

So now you have it.

How I spent my evening after work.

No big story out of me tonight. Just a picture of a shirt...

Suffice it to say, this is the only shirt of its kind in existence, and I am wearing it. In fact, I wore it to work today.

It stinks to high heaven.

I need a shower. A shave. And a change of clothes.

The chicks ain't diggin' any of it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Scott! Who would have ever known I'm like chocolate? As a woman I take it as a great compliment. Even at my age it makes me feel a bit soft and somewhat desirable. Thanks for the wonderful poetic words.


Anonymous said...

BTW, one thing I have always noticed about guys are their lips. You have great lips. And no, I'm not hitting on you. At this stage of my life I can only dream. And remember.


Stucco said...

Heyya "Hotlips" (with apologies to Shirley - Heh)

If women are chocolate, it's not so much like Forrest Gump, where you "never know what you're gonna get" as it is a matter of avoiding those really weird pinkish filled ones. Most are fine and can beguile you with their many charms, but a few will rob you of your will to live. That and too many'll put you in a coma...


Nancy Dancehall said...


Chocolate doesn't snore.

It doesn't leave its underwear on the floor.

I think it's time for more.

And to leave before I bore.

Yay chocolate!