Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Caught Sneakin' In The Candy Aisle...

Posted by Picasa Every now and then I get the feeling that I'm missing something. That I shouldn't be here, staying out in the spare bedroom in the shop, going off to work in the mornings, then coming back here every night around dinner time...

None of the furniture is mine. This computer isn't mine. The desk and chair aren't mine. When I come in the door, the house has a faint odor of diapers.

I feel like I've become a character in a sitcom. Scott the big goofy guy who lives with his Mum. He's funny. He makes you laugh. He's not got it together, though, because he is sharing a house with his mother and her husband. Ain't he somethin' special?

Then I take Mum to go shopping in the big city. We drive all the way to Grants Pass. We go to the Bi-Mart. Not the Walmart, because Mum says Bi-mart is local, and wants to give her money to local people. Mum pushes her way around with her walker. When she sees something she likes, or remembers from the time before (her illness), she totters off without it and I have to go retrieve it and bring it near her once again.

"Fiddle Faddle! I haven't had Fiddle Faddle in ages!"

"Careful. Momma. Here. Put them in the cart and use your walker."

I caught Mum at the candy aisle. She was buying candy for everybody.

"You like Snickers, right?"

"Yes, Momma."

"And Steve?"

"I think he'll eat anything sweet, but I think he's a Baby Ruth guy."

Mum had loaded up on candy for her kids and her grandkids. She was so happy to be out and in a giving, thinking about others and not about her illness, mood. She was going down the list in her mind, pairing up candy bars with personalities. I didn't know my nephew had a bit of a salty personality, and my neice dark chocolatey...

You know, it is times like these, that I think WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE AS GOOD AS THIS?


Anonymous said...

I take it that must be you Mum. Pretty lady.


Anonymous said...

Actually, if you look in her basket she has lots of milk (for you?) and I can see a lot of greens. A little candy is good for the soul, especially at our age. Hmm, I don't see any wine though. Big bummer!

I'm still peeping. I'm hoping to see you up at the top of the page by nightfall.


Anonymous said...

Something a little sweet is necessary in life sometimes.

Peeped ya.

ammogirl said...

Awww. When you write about your mom, I always think "This one is my favorite post."

Vulgar Wizard said...

That was really sweet. No, that's not a pun.