Sunday, September 17, 2006

Iraq The Model, Iraq The War, And Iraq The Emotional Quagmire For Us All

A few years back, I got involved with following a group of blogging dentists { }from Iraq. I watched their elation rise. I watched it fall. I watched as their hope grew and faded and grew some more.

I'm tired of all the talk of war. I turned it off. I left the scene. I don't want to know much, anymore.

I was sent this photo by a guy who wanted to intimidate me into seeing his point of view. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him with his anger, and he apologized for sending me this. I told him I couldn't read it anyway, but the colors were lovely.

Everyday, the moral and emotional debate rages around the world about Iraq. The debate is a good one. It has merit. All sides have good points and bad points. The war, in my humble view, is the most perfect of moral dilemmas.

You couldn't write a better one, if you were Shakespeare in a bottle.

To prove it, I offer the argument both for and against as evidence. Clear cut moral decisions come to clarity much sooner than the war in Iraq. If it were simple, it would be simple.

It is in no way a simple matter.

I never pretended to have any answers to the war. There are too many questions that need attending to, to have such definitive answers.

To all of those who involve themselves in the war debate, may I suggest this to you.

Concentrate on a satisfactory denoument.

Everything else,

is just an opposing view...

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It's a mess that I just can't come up with an easy answer to. I'm neither far right or far left so there is nothing for me to say on Iraq The Model. My heart goes out to the Iraqis that we gave so much hope to and now we have to watch as their hopes fade.

I love your wiriting, Scott. I've enjoyed all of your entries here. If you ever get too old for construction you can always start up a career in writing.

By the way, I've clicked on your peeps photo several times a day. What is it you get besides chicks?


Scott from Oregon said...

Thanks Shirley. LOL. I don't get chicks... I get exposure, is all. It makes connections. I meet new people. It's all good and a bit amusing and entertaining as well...

Keep clicking me!

Anonymous said...

Peeps hasn't even posted me yet. I'm too impatient for this crap.

Now, to serious stuff....
The war is ridiculous. All in all, details aside, bare basics at hand... it's stupid for ANYONE to fight over a difference of opinion... which this is nothing more than.

But, in agreement, shades of gray leave too much up in the air and we (as in the human race) lack the ability to shut up and mind our own business.

Strangely, though I believe it's all stupid, I believe in the war.

I've isolated myself from it, though. From the news coverage, from discussions regarding it, from everything. I worry too much about what's happening and the last thing I need to do in my life is worry myself over somethiing I can't do anything to help.

p.s. That picture is typical.

jordan said...

Anything, to get you more chicks, Scott.

(I'm tired of all the war stuff.. it's nauseating)

Nikky said...

Hey Scott, I click ya every day, at least once!
I'd love to stop thinking of this asinine war, but I can't. My husband is there. I'm sick of it, it's been a year and I want him back. But we've got 6 more mos to go, so I guess I will have to "care" about it that much longer.
Great Post!