Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Callouses, New Conversations...

The thing about taking up something new is that it is hard at first, and then reaps you some kind of reward for your perseverence. My two newest endeavors (that I practice on alot) are playing the baritone uke (and Momma's guitar!) and frisbee golf. I somehow fit these in with climbing trees, riding the mountain bike, etc... and it makes me feel cheated every time the lights go off and I have to sleep.

There isn't enough time in a day anymore...

I've got musician's callouses on my left hand fingertips and the coolest thing is I can talk about a minor chord configuration while having a beer where I couldn't before. New hobbies open up whole new conversations.

Which is cool because old conversations get... well... old.

So take up something new and get passionate about it.

It's pretty cool.

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Jeannie said...

I envy you your callouses. I think my fingertips must be made of jello because trying to play even one chord makes them hurt like mad. Maybe a uke would be better being smaller - but my hands don't wrap around the fret board easily either and contorting my wrists to try is also painful.

I'm not great at piano either - because of my short fingers I can't get the spread beyond an octave. Also because I suck.

I'm going to get back into painting/drawing again - see if I can't get somewhere there.