Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama's Nobel War?

For all of those people who voted for Obama with hope in their hearts... All I can say is I am sorry you have to go through such a let down.

I am reminded of when Gerry Cooney was loudly touted as heavy-weight-boxing's "Great White Hope", as if, in a boxing ring, color mattered. Cooney turned out to be an on-his-back disappointment, receiving the new nickname "The Great White Dope", and those who rallied around him because of his skin-color turned into silent ex-fans in short order.

So too shall go "the great chocolate president".

It is as if being half black meant that Barack Obama was "of the people", and not (as it turns out) in bed with an elite class of mostly white Yale and Harvard males who have back doors leading up to the back stairs of the White House.

If you are currently paying attention, you know that that illusion has been knocked to the canvas and stepped on.


--There are more soldiers being sent overseas. More military bases being planned and built. More weapons being manufactured and shipped off. We are militarily active in more places than when Bush was president. "War is peace" is the new reality even loving liberal Democrats are forced to accept under Obama.

--Wall Street is running government and getting what it wants- namely, more money from tax payers to keep their gambling capital intact. Lots more money. Obama is not only tolerating the greatest theft of all time, he's "selling it" as a "regrettable necessity" and blaming the need for the theft on Bush's eight years in office. Rather than stand up for those who voted for him with starry-eyed optimism, he's standing up for those who pat him on the back and slip contributions in his pocket. Wall Street is again winning while regular folks around the nation are feeling the losses.
--"Transparency" is a distant campaign rhetorical tool now put back in the drawer. A simple request like "Can we see the White House visitor's log-in?" has been met with mumblings about Bush precedences and emphatic "no way Jose's". The whole caboodle about posting Bills onto the web for five days before they are signed/voted-on has quietly been replaced with Bills being amended at 11 pm so no one can read them before voting on them the next morning and other such nonsense.

--Fraud is going unpunished and being papered over with Barack's consent (because it mostly involves rich, elite Yale and Harvard white guys). When you sell something that isn't what you say it is and it proves to be worthless paper, that is FRAUD. Not only is Obama looking the other way for past fraud, he's aiding and abetting MORE fraud. Fraud is now tolerated by the US government because those who are active in fraudulent enterprises are now IN the US government.

--The United State's Government is now truly broke and is paying off what it owes by borrowing money to make the payments just on the interest, and- when no one forks over the cash as a loan- is simply monetizing (printing) more cash to cover up for the shortfalls. No one in your government including Obama, is telling you this. What you are getting instead is political obfuscation and sound bytes. In other words, your government (and Obama) are lying to you.

--The world is beginning to paddle away from the bloated whale America has become, and the value of the American dollar is slowly headed sea-bottom-ward... Think about what a gallon of gas will cost if bought with a badly devalued American dollar...Going into deep hock and trying to print your way out of it has consequences. Unfortunately, we have yet to feel the pain of the consequences.

--While Obama collects his peace prize between war-planning meetings and jaunts around the country telling people how effective he is handing out cash he doesn't even have and has to borrow or print... Americans are losing their jobs, the economy is worsening, and the FDIC is broke from handing out cash to failed banks while foreclosures continue to increasingly occur...

"The Audacity Of Hope" alright...

Can someone help the new Gerry Cooney get off his back?


Shrinky said...

I have to confess American politics confuses the life out of me. I find our UK political system is depressing enough.. sigh.

blogless troll said...

You're obviously just an operative of the Republican party.

Great post.

Jeannie said...

To get to the top of the pyramid in politics, you MUST be a very ambitious, driven and compromisable. Anyone who thinks someone at the top still has their ideals intact and doesn't talk a load of bs is naive or stupid.

How Obama won the Peace prize is incomprehensible to me. But then, I was chosen to play Mary in the church play once...