Thursday, January 08, 2009

Risks, Rewards...HELP!!!

I was watching a portion of Obama's speech this morning and I was left to wonder, "where is the accountability?"

The US government's job is to enforce laws, not run businesses.

Fraud is a crime.

Fraud is when you sell something that contains nothing of what you claim is inside- in other words, you lie about what it is you are peddling.

The US government has given trillions, so far, to perpetrators of fraud, and now no one trusts another to lend them money.

If you are an Obama drooler who thinks he is selling you a shiny nickel for a penny, ask yourself why there is mention of "greed" in his speeches, but no mention of fraud?

The whole charade of Obama's becomes noticable when you consider the whitewash of huge amounts of fraud still occuring in Washington.

Please don't support the charade...


Jeannie said...

Problem is that government isn't run like a business.

blogless troll said...

China's already tired of buying our Treasuries:

Game's over when they do stop.

We'll get more of the same from Obama and all the other politicians until the whole damn thing implodes. The only place we'll find the Change We Need is under the sofa cushion.