Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Punked By A Skunk--

My dog Wenzel came in the night before last night with huge bubbles of saliva frothing from her mouth. She was reeking of skunk and had just been sprayed. I assumed she got some of the spray in her mouth and her body was desperately trying to wash it out. I grabbed a towel and grabbed a hold of her tongue, and started wiping it the way one might dry the arm of a baby.

I wiped at her gums with another towel and then went and got her some Saltine crackers to eat and made sure she had plenty of water.

The salivating died down and I got on the internet and checked out skunk spray as a possible poison.

"Causes red blood cell depletion and anemia".

Great. This is the 4,000 dollar vet bill dog with Auto Immune Disease.

Worry worry.

I wiped her down with old dog towels and stayed up with her until about three am. She seemed fine (but oh so smelly) and when I woke in the morning she was stinky but healthy. Yay!

I tried an internet concoction of Hydroogen Peroxide, soap and soda and it was about 80% effective. Wenzel got herself a good bath and all the dog blankets got a good wash and now I am either inured to the odor, or it is finally out of here.

Yesterday evening, I asked my neighbor collecting her mail if she had seen or heard the skunk.

"It was on my deck," she said. I put one of my dogs on leash and let her bark at it to scare it off. It ran over toward the corner of your yard."

"Where Wenzel met it happily..."


Me and Wenzel too...


Cheesy said...

Maybe it's time for rotten eggs tossed on the neighbors deck?

Jeannie said...

Ahhhh - skunk

meno said...

Oh whee! Skunk! What a smell that is. Poor puppy.

Mushy said...

Shoooweee! I've always feared that would happen to Baylee...but been luck thus far.

Had a dog bring home a skunk skin once...that was bad enough!

Shirley said...

Years ago my dog got skunked a few times. They lived in my neighbor's yard and appeared to be using my yard as a path to get to another yard. Someone finally told me that they were coming in under the fence, they don't climb over. I went along my entire fence line and reinforced it so they couldn't get in and that was the end of the problem. As for getting rid of the skumk smell on your dog, there are a few shampoos made to do that. Just visit your local pet store. It usually took a couple of baths to do the job.

Robin S. said...

Hi Scott!

Skunked stinks. I'm from Kentucky -I've smelled it before.

Cute doggies.

Massive boobs.

Interesting place ya got here.

Jay said...

We don't have skunks, I'm happy to say, but my friend in Tennessee got skunked last year. Her dog found young one in the yard and picked it up and brought it to her. She yelled at him, he, startled, swung around and the skunk got her in the face. Some of it went into her mouth. I've never heard such language! ROFL!

Sweeti said...

Our problem this year has been racoons, they are mean B******s. We got one the other night but I think there is more where she came from.