Saturday, June 07, 2008

--Politics And The Anal Probe--

I know I can make a point without getting vulgar and gutteral, but I don’t wanna. I’m gonna make my point the vulgar way so prepare your sensibilities…

A cursory cruise through the internet and what will you find? People complaining about the federal government.

And it’s not always the same complaint. The complaints are varied and often personal and mostly legitimate. Some complain about the warring nature of the government. Some complain about its trampling of civil rights. Some complain at its ineptitude. Others, about the cock-ups of its central cast. "They lie. They manipulate. They’re controlled by the corporations." Yaddy yaddy fucking yaddy…

The Constitution, when it was founded, was written to alleviate the pernicious aspects of human governance and curb the enticement to tyranny. “We The People” were granted the charge of our own destinies through a system we like to call “Democracy”.

What do we keep doing with that charge? We keep handing the federal government more and more pointy sticks, jars of lube, boxes of latex gloves and then we all drop our skivvies and bend right over, look woefully at each other and complain about the stuff shoved up our collective asses.

Consciously granting more power and money to an entity that attracts people who covet power and control, and then complaining about what they do with that power makes about as much sense as giving a dog a steak and wondering why he ate it.

A simple solution to all of this is to remove the money and the power from the central source of all of your frustrations, and place it closer to your front door. States with bad governance can be dealt with on a much easier basis. Most things "governmental" can be accomplished in your local councils.

In California, they didn’t like the job Gray Davis was doing, so they voted him out of office in the middle of his term.

Wouldn’t you like to do that with the likes of GW of Bush?

The point is, look for people who follow and understand the original intent of the founders who created the system of Democracy we are supposed to possess and support them. If a politician tells you what he/she is gonna do for you, ask yourself if you WANT them to? Stop assuming that everything needs to occur federally for your children to have good educations and for good jobs to be in your community and for you to have health care and for your aging parents to be taken care of. You give the feds the power to get what you think you want and they'll give you other stuff you've never thought your ass could take before.

Take some fucking responsibility for yourselves and your community would you please?


Mushy said...

Nice crack shot!

Shrinky said...

Okay, I'm swopping "Shrinky" for the title of "Smuggy" now. Couldn't agree with you more. With a self governing island and a population of approx 70,000, I know my politicians are accountable, and so do they. One phonecall and they are on your doorstep asking what they can do to help.

Shirley said...

We need to dismantle our government from the top down. We need a President who will actually do the will of the people and who has the backbone to resist the big money lobbyists. Then we need to throw out everyone in congress who does the will of those lobbyists instead of the will of the people. Yeah, I know.....that's one hell of a pipedream!

I want to move to the island where shrinky is.

travistee said...

I'll join this club. I can't stand political complaining.
If you don't like it, get involved.
It's really that simple, the beauty of democracy.