Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kristy Lee Cook, Selma, Oregon, Ron Paul, And The Signs Of The Times...

Kristy Lee Cook will not win American Idol this year. I am not prescient, but I can see the writing on the wall. That doesn't mean she is not a beautiful young lady and a terrific singer. She is all that.

(I've been asking around to see if she's got some secret older sister or unmarried older cousin, I suppose I'll admit...)

Knowing that she won't win, should I stop supporting her? Most people would say "of course not!" You support her because you like her and her singing...

(They would technically be wrong. I support her because she hales from here. I think Brooke White is the slamma pajama and all that and more, myself...)

The point being, my support of her is not based on whether or not I know she can win. It is just an emotional agreement I made within the walls of my mind. A switch, if you will. A way to focus.

Go Kristy Lee Cook! The Selma girl!

It is amusing to drive around my block (two roads that run up and then back down a valley), and see Ron Paul signs still earnestly displayed by people who support him not because they think he can be president, but for some agreement they made with themselves as political thinkers.

Most of the Ron Paul types around here would be the "leave me the hell alone", variety.

Fair enough. Why should people bother them if they don't want to be bothered?

(If you've ever had a much younger sibling, you'll know how annoying that can be...)

Given that we are down to three proffered candidates, and none of the three appeal to me in the slightest, (nor have shown any prescience in the small matter of the economy) I suppose I will have to continue keeping my support where my mind is.

All the signs tell me so.


Jeannie said...

Haven't followed AI but I did like Kristy Lee when she tried out. I have to say that in the one show I did catch, others did impress me more.

You have some gorgeous terrain there. Dear God please put a lake and a few mountains on the other side of my neighborhood -thank you. (I'm pretty sure that prayer won't be answered and if it is, I don't think it will be good news)

Mushy said...

Well, I thought she sounded pretty good last and this week, more country than I like, but sounds better than most did tonight.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen American Idol in years, so I don't know who you're talking about. But I wonder if there is some appeal in supporting an underdog?