Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Taking Good Pictures Is A Snap-- A Lot Of Them...

After quite a bit of bouncing around the internet, you realize that some people know how to take a picture, and some people- to be quite frank- don't.

And quite often, the difference is only in how one thinks about the picture taking process.

Some people go out and see something pretty, take a picture, and hope it comes out.

If it does, way cool. If it doesn't, then they show it to you anyway and try and describe how cool it was when they were there, taking the picture.

I don't consider myself "a photographer", but I know I can always take good pictures. And the reason for that is complicated- "having an eye", having "vision", all that stuff (well, ok, maybe just a little bit). But the biggest pathway to success really is in taking a fuck of a lot of photos.


An amatuer photographer shows you all of his/her photos. A professional, only the really good ones.

That is the number one "trick" to taking good photos. Take lots of them. Out of forty, you may get two that are "good". That's the way of it, and until you think in those terms, most of your photos will suck. 38 out of 40, to be snarky about it...

There are lots of other things to know too, of course, but with the advent of digital cameras with Program mode, you have no excuse, really. The camera does so much for you, you are apt to get a few good shots if you follow my advice and take lots of photos.

The other cool thing about digital? The delete image button.

I went for a walk with my dogs to the lake today. I tossed my camera in the jacket pocket of my doggy coat (so named, because it is wool and collects dog hair). When I got there, I noticed that the light was good and the lake was properly agitated to get some good "shimmering water" shots.

These are some of the better results. Out of these, I would say I got three "really good pictures".

See if you can pick which ones I picked?


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of an in-law who wanted us to look at two photo albums worth of a trip they took - every sigle photo from the rolls of film, randomly arranged! IT was deadly.

That said, sometimes blog photos are by necessity not great ones just because you want a particular event and you couldn't get a good shot. In those situations, I'd rather see someone's own bad photo than an image pulled off the net.

Shrinky said...

Yup, thank God for the advent of digital..

Great water shots.

kario said...

Love the shot of the bird poo on the edge of the table!

Thanks for sharing your pics.

Cheesy said...

I like the way the blades of grass are kissing the water.... I saved that one!

Bernita said...

You have OPEN WATER?
Really beautiful shots.

Anne said...

If you number the photos from top to bottom, I think # 4, #9, and definitely #7 are the good ones! They're all nice, though, really.

Shirley said...

Back in the day when we had to use film, I was thrilled if one or two shots out of 24 were really good. I went through a whole lot of film! Unfortunately, you had to pay to have all of those shots developed, the bad ones included.

Nice photos Scott. I haven't lingered in order to make a choice yet.

meno said...


Way to make me feel inadequate.

Never mind, i feel that way on my own.