Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost And Found Dog School

My gloriously growing dog Waldo has entered the phase of puppy-dogdom that I despise. He is now a teenager (they grow up so fast!) and as such, thinks that nosing his nose under the fencing and squirming out of two perfectly good dog acres is way cool. He got his first taste of a whipping yesterday, and his second taste today.

While it is hard to punish a dog severely, as they are simply simple dogs, it is even harder to contemplate having to go scoop the young boy off the road or out of a rancher's sheep pasture down the line.

The goal is always to catch the young wanderer red handed out and about, but to do that one must walk around some. I took my camera with me and found these pictures in my immediate vicinity.

Now. Where's Waldo?


Jeannie said...

It's tough to be a young dog with wild oats to sow'

nice property though - I miss grass

CS said...

Dogs will be dogs.

Beautiful bit of land.

Cheesy said...

Now if that's not a look of "I'm sorry I can't help it!"..naughty sweet puppy....
Did he contact Sno and Annie for wandering tips? I swear its in the air~~

kario said...

Bad doggie! Mine always escapes to the sludgy watershed to chase ducks and comes back covered in green slime and smelling like death. He's so proud of his newfound freedom and scent I swear he doesn't care whether he gets into trouble or not. Ugh!

Mushy said...

Love the photos...looks like a wonderful area, not dissimilar to where I live, except for the snow on the peaks!

Poor little fellow.

Shirley said...

You almost can't blame him for escaping his property. The area around it looks like paradise for a dog to check out.

Yes, I also hate those teenage years for a dog. They aren't grown up and they aren't puppies. They just seem to love being stupid. My little guy is eleven months old now so the fun starts soon.