Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Internet Can Bypass The Old Media Outlets IF You Let It

Six months of running for president, 18 1/2 million dollars donated to his grassroots campaign, and we Americans have to rely on alternative sources for understanding what a man and his message really are. The brown out sickens me, and in defense, and defiance, I will bore you with more political You Tubing.

Even my fellow liberals who are sick of the way the fed is going should at least give raw attention to this man's ideas.


Kris, Seattle said...

He was great today on Meet the Press. I think Russert tried to bait him a few times but the guy just kept making sense.

Gotta wonder how a guy who can talk as straight as he does gets elected.

Unfortunately the religious power base that took over the GOP 30 years ago isn't ever going to give it up. They're not going just let him take the party back to the days when "conservative" referred to fiscal policy and minimal government, or the days where we only went to war when there was no other choice to do so. Ironic how the war machine and the religious right have aligned into an impenetrable power base.

There are Ron Paul signs all over up here, and we saw them everywhere in Maui too so he does have an active following. I'm just a bit too old and skeptical to think he can win the Republican nomination against the organized criminals in the moral majority and among Cheney and Rove's friends.

Sweeti said...

Merry Christmas Scott

singleton said...

I'm skipping all the hoo~hah for the holidays, and wishing you a Good One! Merry Christmas, Scott!