Thursday, December 20, 2007

Coffee With A Man That Breaks My Heart And Thrills My Mind--

Did you ever want to sit down with a guy who knows Washington DC and the system from the inside?

Did you ever want to sit across the table from a guy who has stood up and embarrassed presidential wannabees?

Here is your chance.

I sure love this guy!

Also, something for you national health care wishers...

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Jeannie said...

Didn't watch the first guy. As for the 2nd...of course the man is right. I've seen the same thing coming for a few years. in fact, I think there have been people announcing the baby-boom senior crunch for years now - especially here in Canada they've seen it coming - we have had the free drugs for ever I think... In any event, taxes will go up and services will go down. It's what has to happen to pay for the over-spending of the past. I'm glad our govt is beginning to take care of it - I only hope the conservatives remain in power because the liberals love to spend money that isn't there.