Friday, November 16, 2007

Ron Paul Support Brings Me Fame And Fortune And Maybe An FBI Raid...

A few weeks back, while I was looking into Ron Paul and all of the circus that that entails, I came upon the site- Oregonians For Ron Paul. They had a contest established, to see who could come up with the best sign slogan.

I entered on a lark with- WHAT CAN RON PAUL UNDO FOR YOU?

And I won. The prize was promised as a Ron Paul Silver Dollar.

Then this happened. The Secret Service and The FBI raided the makers of the dollar coins, which were selling for 25 bucks- with 5 dollars going to the Ron Paul campaign. Apparently, only the Feds and Chuck E. Cheese can mint coins these days.

I then got an email pointing out that this was all occuring from the competition people.

I got another email explaining that the people holding the competition were as honorable as Ron Paul himself, and would honor the prizes promised even though the value of the coins has skyrocketed.
I may have to give the coin to a needy charity or risk life and limb!

So far, the Federal Government hasn't seen fit to show up here in rural Oregon, and scratch my dogs at the gate. This is the latest closing bid on a Ron Paul coin-- Ron Paul Dollars On EBAY
{Photo- Courtesy Of eBAY}


amusing said...

Jeez! I tell you I'm on the lam and need a place to hideout and you never even mention that you are expecting the FBI at your front door any second!

Stucco said...

The face looks more like Captain Pike from the original Star Trek series than it does Ron Paul. If they'd left the "Twenty Dollars" and "$" off, they'd have been unassailable.

If they really wanted to drive the finance point home it should've said "200 pesos" or "ameros"...

Billy said...

Keep an eye out for the feds all the same. And plan your escape route! And how's that Cayman Island account?

CS said...

I think you should hold onto the coin until it goesup enough in value to let you rtire early and spend all your time writing and, uh, hanging out with Cardboard John Wayne.