Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nanowrimo No No's And The Return Of The Man About Town--

Looking at this graph, it is hard to see the nights spent out eating meals with friends and family. You can't really detect the days spent doing yard work and roofing can you? Looking at this graph, one might actually assume I've been lax (as in fartin' around) but one would be making an assumer out of themselves.

I am back in Oregon. Nine hours of driving and making potty stops for Mum and here I am. My computer missed me and I missed it. My neighbors missed my You Tube music videos playing at full volume.

My dogs missed pooping in our yard.

To answer the question, I don't know what that ball thingy is. It grows on oak leaves. It looks like a jaw breaker. It's probably poisonous.

The only story I have tonight is this one.

My sister's ex-boyfriend and close friend bought her circue-de-soleil tickets because he is a kind man and stuff. Back when Sandy and he were an item, Sandy mentioned to him that it would be fun to go watch circue de soleil while on magic mushrooms.

Being the kind sort of ex-boyfriend guy that he is, he scored some mushrooms and made a chocolate tasty-bar with them.

So with her gift of three tickets, came the chocolate bar.

Last week, a few days before my arrival, Sandy came home from work to find the wrapper of said chocolate bar on the ground and her small rescued Lhapso cross smiling and twinkling...

She smelled her three dogs' breath and determined that only the little girl ate the bar.

Now she had to rush down to the vets and confess that her dog got into her mushroom stash.

Long story short, her dog has a whole new outlook on life and a crush on Jerry Garcia videos.


Shirley said...

Very funny, Scott. That would be a bit difficult to explain to your vet. Did she tell you what the vet's reaction was?

Is your sister okay these days? I think of her from time to time, wondering how she is doing.

meno said...

Bet that was a fun vet visit. "Hey Doc, my dog is stoned."

amusing said...

Welcome "home," you!

CS said...

Long strange trip for the dog, I'm sure.

I wonder if that thing only grows on certain kinds of oaks, because I'vce not seen them on oaks around here. Looks like an orange with chicken pox.