Thursday, March 08, 2007

Piling On The Fertile Lizza...

This photo is dedicated to Lizza, who will understand it and explain it to the rest of ya'll.


amusing said...

pretending its sunday am caption time and guessing what the joke is:
Lizza was having a nice long [naked] shower and looked down to find a plague of frogs at her feet -- hence the naked leap?

lizza said...


Scott knows I'm a frogophobe and he said the only truly scary frogs are the ones that hide in the shower drain. Now I eye the drain nervously whenever I'm in the shower, thanks to him.

If I do find one in my shower, I doubt I'd be leaping gracefully like that. Running and screaming would be more like it.

You made me laugh, Scott. But I still hate you. Well no, not really. Just a bit. :-D

Cheesy said...

ahhh Thankfully Lizza showed up.. been wondering lol!