Saturday, November 25, 2006

They may Not Help Me, But They Couldn't Hurt Me, Could They?

I am down to under 7,000 words left to reach 50,000 words by the end of November on my Nanowrimo novel challenge. The trouble is, I am down to almost zero eyesight and I seem to be a dozen paragraphs short of a chapter these days, in my brain.

Alas, I will be back tonight, after hanging windows for much of today, (taking advantage of a weather window at our jobsite) to chip away numerically at a seemingly improbable task (which is seeming doable, in all honesty, if I crunch the numbers with a nutcracker) and will report back to the three of you, Sunday morning, where another Caption Contest awaits.

So stick around. Things are getting to be as exciting as molasses on a window pane round these here parts...

"Ooh! Here comes a fly!" Posted by Picasa


Nikky said...

Ok Scott, you better upload your count soon, because I KNOW I'm not ahead of you, but it looks like it, to see our counts.

I know you're gonna make it, I never doubted that, but now I think I may actually cross the finish line, too!!

Yaaay us!

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Love that shirt!!

Nikky said...

in looking at this photo closer, there's a possibility that this could have been taken just a few miles from my home.
WE Fest, drunk redneck music festival happens every year just outside of my town.

Cowboy hat
Skanky shirt

These three elements are all requirements for WE Fest... Scott? Am I right? do you know where this came from?