Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dogs Who Think They're Spiders...

What if you were afraid of small dogs AND spiders. Would this be your worst nightmare next to going to school naked?

My sister loves dogs and is not too fond of spiders. After she went through chemo for breast cancer, she decided that life was indeed too short to spend forty hours a week doing a job she did not enjoy.

She opened up a dog boutique called "My Dog Bakery". She sells healthy, home-made doggy treats and doggy ice-cream and lots of goofy doggie stuff. She takes one of her three dogs to work with her everyday. People bring their dogs in the shop and let them pick out their own toys. She says she is tired at the end of her days but also noticably happy.

Tired and happy at the end of a day.

Now that's living. Posted by Picasa

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Liz said...

Your sister's new job sounds wonderful. I also quit my job for the same reason (life is too short). I haven't yet come up with a replacement. I enjoy reading your posts.