Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rain and Snow...

We're finally getting the moisture we need here in Southern Oregon to get us through the summer...

Our little creek broke it's bank and took over our yard for a couple of days.

It never got up to the piles of dirt I've been collecting for our new garden, so whew! I've still got piles of nice soil in our yard...

And it's dumped a heap of snow on Mt. Ashland, which means more skiing and water for the summertime...

What do you do when it's so wet outside?

Stay in and write goofy songs about rain, of course...

Honey, Where’d You Put The Oars?

The creek’s a risen’
And it’s high tidin’
Can’t you hear those raindrops roar?
Honey, baby, sweet petunias
where’d you put the oars?
I found my boat and my fishin’ pole
And my cooler and my dog
I found my waders and my tackle box
And my pole for giggin’ frogs
I found my floats and my folding chair
And my line to help me moor
But honey, sugar, baby doll
where’d you put the oars?
I was in the flood of seventy -six
Eighty-one and ninety-four
So if you think you can swim
Like a fish then jump right in
But I think I’d rather row
The water’s comin’ up our steps
And is sloshing at our door
The TV cord is getting wet
And I think it’s gonna short
I know I promised to take you out more
Mend the gate and all them other chores
But for real, honey, Oh sweet molasses
where’d you put the oars?


It’s not remotely funny now
The creek’s just floated off our cow
Can’t you see the water’s lappin’
While you just stand there
with your gums a flappin’
Oh honey bunny, won’t you tell me
Pretty please I’m on my knees
Where you hide those oars?

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