Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Work On Stuff--

The best part of writing anything is when the original inspiration just appears in your head. When I hear chords or melodies without words, my brain puts words to them.I oftentimes wish I knew someone who was a melody-maker stuck on the words part. I'd add the words and we'd become rich and famous.

That would be the plan, anyway...

My "song" from yesterday has been evolving. What started out as a chord exercise has become one of those little things you work on until you get it not necessarily 'right' but as good as you can make it given your "whatever parameters"...

I got the chorus done (I think) but the verses are monotonous so I need a melody-maker to come up with a melody for the verses...


Everybody left the building...

The finished chorus for those sitting around in an office somewhere pretending to work who happen to have a ukulele with them...
You should
Sip the time you’re given like the fine wine you’ve been
don’t strive for forgiveness or god forbid, get bored.
Treat people like they’re dying and your own life like a
of tangerines and roses and a shotgun full of lead

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