Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Few Tidbits...

I was down at the lake playing Frisbee golf the other day. I threw a nice three hundred footer on a four hundred foot hole. When I got to my Frisbee and set to throw my approach, I noticed about a one year old doe eating poison oak and stuff about fifty feet away from me.

I made a kissing sound, like I do with my dogs, so the deer would move on and not be frightened (or hit) by my Frisbee. The deer looked up and walked right at me!

It walked up to see what was in my hand (just a Frisbee!) and then I worried that it’d get mad, so I made the sound of a dog barking and it skedaddled off casually.


When I was down at the Kate Wolf Festival, an old friend told me he too was sleeping in the back of his truck. He said he used a quart-sized bottle to pee in at night so he wouldn’t have to get up and stagger in the dark to those stinky blue boxes.

What he didn’t tell me was that when you are parked and surrounded by people in tents, and you pee in a bottle, the bottle SINGS! and amplifies the sound of the pee the way a metal sink will amplify the sound of running water. He also didn’t tell me you could fill the bottle before you are finished if you’ve been drinking water to wash the beer out of your system, meaning a pinch and pour technique that was harder than it sounds…


Being big can resolve lots of issues you run into without a fuss. I was (again) down playing Frisbee golf. A couple kept “throwing in” meaning starting the hole I was on before I was out of the way and on to the next hole. The first time I gave them slack. The second time I told them it was rude. The third time, I told the husband if he threw in on me again I’d break his arm. Problem resolved peaceably…


We have a reggae festival going on at the lake this weekend. I put a rope into a tree and spent a nice afternoon listening to music while perched about 90 feet in the air where the breeze was plentiful…


Oh yeah... I rescued a crawdad who seemed lost and was running away from the lake yesterday. I didn't know they got out of the water but apparently they do!

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dogbait said...

While you are at breaking arms, could I send some hackers over to Uncle Scott?