Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Same O same O...

I play frisbee golf, climb trees for fun, and do work around the property.

I'm trying to finish a novel. I'm up to page 330. I take Mum to sing on Wednesday nights.

Tuesday nights I have a writers meeting with a poet friend of mine but we are looking for a few more people to round out the criticisms.

Thursday night I meet with the boys, all of my carpenter buds I never see because work is so sparse around here I never get invited to the party because I have savings I can eat off of.

I kayaked all day yesterday.

I still hike with friends to high places.

An American tourist asks an Irishman sitting next to him at a beach side bar in Florida "Why do scube divers always fall into the water backwards?"

To which the Irishman of course replies- "Why are all Americans such idiots? If they fell forward, they would fall into the bleeding boat, of course!"

Same O same O, only I'm not skiing because there ain't no snow.

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