Friday, June 03, 2011

Did I Really Just Say That?

Ever get a beer in ya out on the town with friends and you say something that the next morning gives you pause?

Well I woke this morning and thought Did I Really Say That?

I have a friend who runs a martial arts dojo here in town. He's a smallish guy, with all the black belt wily moves hidden behind a "published poet" outer persona.

We've been meeting over words this last month or so. He's been a beta reader for my novel, and I've been pointing out the flaws in his prose...

Well, he's helping to train a cage fighter, one of those evil looking men with tattoos and scars that get in to those evil looking rings and kick the shit out of each other.

He was telling me how hard it was for this kid Josh to find training partners, because he's so big and strong.

"He needs someone your size, Scott, to practice on."


I believe what I am called is a "practice dummy".

Did I really just say that?


Jeannie said...

Hope you get to wear protective equipment!

Shrinky said...

No. No, no, no, no. Take it back, that's just WRONG. I'll write you a note - you have asthma, okay?

Jean said...

ohgoodgawd. Alcohol impaired commitment. Bad. Very bad.

Cheesy said...

Dope.... :o)