Saturday, November 20, 2010

Been Busy Being Busy...

You know how it is, this life thing getting in the way of blogging about this life thing...

A good old friend of mine gave me a good deal on a nice wood-burning insert firebox, but I had to go to Santa Rosa to get it. So I did. I stopped in to see my pops and while sleeping over there got my camera and my bicycle STOLEN from out of my truck while parked in his driveway.

The thing of it is, my pops lives in a very nice neighborhood in a culdesac up a long driveway. You can't see up there from anywhere, so you have to either be snooping around nice neighborhoods looking for easy targets, or you have to be a friend (or ex-girlfriend)of my step-nephew (who was partially raised by my pops and his wife)... Either way I'm out one newly rebuilt bike and my old camera, which I've toted along everywhere for quite some time now.

It kind of ruined the weekend for me.

My pops told me this funny story though--

On one of his last gigs as a pilot, he was gathered with a bunch of stewardesses awaiting a return flight back to California. One of the girl's mentioned that she had spent many years when young in Santa Rosa. My pops said "I live in Santa Rosa! Where did you live?"

"In a place called Blankety Blank Heights."

"I LIVE in Blankety Blank Heights!"

"YOU live in Blankety Blank Heights? I lived in Whatsit Court. We had a house by the lake."

"I LIVE ON WHATSIT COURT! Were you that girl who used to throw those giant parties and filled our culdesac up with beer bottles and cigarette butts?"

"Were YOU that old man that used to call the cops on us?"


Jeannie said...

Fabulous story! Small world huh?

RE: the bike and camera

We live in a nice neighborhood but can't leave anything in the back of a truck or the car doors unlocked because petty drug money requiring thieves will steal it all. Yes. Probably a kid from a good family likes his drugs but can't make enough money or can't get enough from Mom and Dad to cover his party requirements. They need smallish things that can be fenced quickly and are not easily traced. They can just be walking home from wherever and check out the gifts left along their way.

dogbait said...

That's crap! I'm going to lock mine up in the garage now.

Anonymous said...

Totally sucks about your bike. I hope you get it back somehow. And the camera.