Friday, February 26, 2010

Dumping Out The Ol' Digital...

I went for a nice walk the other day with a nice lady friend who just bought herself a new camera similar (but newer and better!) than mine.
We were out "shooting" and called it such.
I have to admit to being more preoccupied with her than finding photos, but I did manage a couple of decent pics, some of which are included in this set.
Those are random neighborhood kids who were eager to pose for a picture- the big hamburgers!
A couple of these were from my normal walk-the-dogs-around-the-lake-days...


kario said...

Very nice! Both the walk with a lady friend and the photos. I love that, in rural Oregon, going out "shooting" can mean using your camera. This is progress!

Anonymous said...

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Jean said...

Your photos are always lovely but often I see them as paintings waiting to happen.

Glad you had such a nice day with your friend.

Mushy said...

Awesome shots all, but the first is the most fantastic! Thanks for posting.