Sunday, December 28, 2008

Too Clever To Not Share--

I bumped into this guy's "poetry" this morning via someplace other,
and thought I'd share it with another,
the sound on the second one is not all that great,
but the sentiment he conveys
made my heart palpitate
just a little...


Jeannie said...

He's very clever and fun.

Cheesy said...

GUT LAFF... good thing for a Monday morn... but the second vid is missing?

Cheesy said...

Ha! Second one is back.. man I would love to play like that! Very funny~~

Shrinky said...

i have seen this guy before, but neither one of the clips you posted here - that first one is a doozer, hyterical, and methinks only just a wee slight exaggertion of several folk I know!