Monday, November 03, 2008

Looking Past Tomorrow--

Big election day tomorrow (today?) and I'll be glad it is over. I told Mum that tomorrow is absolutely THE LAST day she's allowed to watch election coverage morning till night.

Since I have to keep one eye trained on her, I've been subjected to way too many talking heads to be good for me.

From Kieth Olberman to "The Situation Room" and even Rachelle Maddow, all I can say is that this election is not actually about anything that really matters, at least according to both candidates and the talking heads that claim to "report" on them.

Here is a short list of things that should have been front and center in this election--

1)The 10.6 Trillion dollar debt.

2)The DOD and the vast amount of tax wealth they have squandered.

3)The very notion that America is the policeman of the world. Over 130 countries have our military bases in them. They are paid for by taxing regular Americans and then shipping the money out of the country. (For why this is bad, see 1 above...)

4)The Federal Reserve. Alan Greenspan says "Ooops!" for creating a massive housing bubble and Bernanke says "I didn't know!" when asked why he never warned a soul... but neither questions the validity of their making the decisions in the first place. Who OWNS the Federal Reserve, and WHO profits from it? Neither candidate will touch this topic, or get involved in monetary policy discussions publically, even though the Federal Reserve and our monetary policy are about to be front and center in every American's life.

5)The 9% Congressional approval rating. Just how many Congressmen and women did you vote back into office because you voted for a party? How many Democrats in Congress is Obama going to chastise for being part of the problem in Washington if he wins? Ditto McCain and the Republicans? Are we to believe it is "the other party" that caused all of the debt?

5)The next wave of housing foreclosures and the massive credit card tsunami coming in March and April of next year...

6)The fact that America is flat broke...


Cheesy said...

Amen to the end of 24/7 poli-tv.. gawd!

I was a good lil' American.... I actually voted off my party a couple of times!

Shrinky said...

Jeez scott, even WE can't escape this bloomin' election, it's wall to wall news today - arghhhhhhhh!!!

Jonas said...

Your short list is spot on. Even though the list is short, the problems cited are deep and dire.

Carol said...

Well, I'd like to congratulate you all on the outcome even though Scott has a point. I don't think you really wanted the alternative, did you?