Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Fly Went By?

My sister is getting through a nasty fungal infection caused by chemo treatments which lower resistance to, well, things like fungal infections. That doesn't stop her from having interesting life moments worth sharing.

I got this email from her last night--

Velcro, the cat, came through the doggie door sounding a little heavier than usual. At a full run he chased his prey through the kitchen, slid around the corner on the slick linoleum and headed down the hall picking up 3 riled up dogs along the way. Whatever was in the lead was very exciting to them all and it found itself cornered in my bathroom. There was a lot of commotion in my tiny bathroom as I made my way down the hall muttering “What now?”. Little Bit stood back in awe as Shiloh, Dude and a very puffed up Velcro made their best attempts to show the “enemy” how very tough they all were. I couldn’t see around the corner but I knew it was more than the usual lizard or mouse, but what? My inkling was a neighbor’s cat. I called them out and Shiloh and Velcro obeyed. Dude was a little more adamant about making sure he was scaring “it” and took a little more urging for him to leave it for me. As I peaked around the corner to see whose cat it might be and if it had survived the onslaught of attention, I was surprised to see, and hear the screams of, a full grown raccoon standing on my toilet ready to take me on. I backed out slowly and closed the door. I now had a pissed of raccoon in my bathroom. Terrific.

It ended without much fanfare. I called the police who sent out animal control and we opened both doors to the outside and chased it out with a broom. I am glad there was no trapping or killing involved. And it is over except for the mess that the critter made trying to find a way out of the bathroom and trying out my bubble bath. I will clean that up tomorrow, I’ve had enough excitement for one night.



Jeannie said...

We had a cat years ago that chased a chipmunk into the house. It hid in the bottom of an old boxspring - we had to lock up the cat and lure it out with a trail of nuts going out the door.

Mushy said...

Wow, what a frightening story! I guess the snake in my fireplace or a couple of bats in the living room don't stand up to that one.

Cheesy said...

OMG lolololol~~ Never a dull moment when you have retarded furfaces in your life!