Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off The Pewter Path

We're in the final throes of decent weather around here so I've been taking advantage of it.
Mum has also needed extra attention. Her hematoma is dissipating (the body reabsorbs the blood) but the pain meds make it unsafe for her to stand up and walk without someone spotting her.
We've got a new ranger at the lake who keeps telling me to get a leash on my dogs.
That dude's gotta go.
Plumbing is all back on and I got half way through writing about what happened.
I'll finish it maybe tonight.
I saw these otters in the lake a few days back and haven't seen them since. Apparently, nobody else has seen them, as I keep asking people while I walk by.

Hope y'all are all well.


Jeannie said...

Beautiful serene lake - glad Mum's getting better - really glad the plumbing's working.

kario said...

Love the photos. We are getting really lucky with the weather up here, too. I'm loving this fall!

Anonymous said...

Aw, those otters are adorable.

Cheesy said...

Second to last... faboo tree in the water shot my friend.