Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shaking Out The Canon Looking For Fodder--

Every now and then I put the smile in the drawer and I rub the sand in my eyes and I look out at everything and marvel that it's also bleak and depressing.

This life thing.

My sister has been dealing with a lung infection caused by her chemo and her love of dogs. They (Kaiser Permanente) took two weeks and some change to figure out it was a fungal infection and the drugs they gave her to take orally were ineffective. She is now in the hospital in Santa Rosa getting IV drugs that have really dangerous side effects.

My Mum is living in the living room like one of Charlie's grandparents in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. She is improving remarkably well from her stroke, but she may have a urinary infection and the trips to the toilet are wearing both of us out.

The economy has kept "the boys" from having much work around here, and I am starting to think I won't remember how to swing a hammer or calculate seat cuts for rafters...

I can really see how women who get out of the workforce feel when they need to return to work. It seems "so far away" when you've been away for awhile.

I was culling through some photos I downloaded off my camera last night, and I liked these for various reasons.

Tomorrow is another day.


fairyhedgehog said...

I'm sorry to hear it's so hard at the moment. Wish I knew what to say.

Jean said...

Sometimes life just piles up. It's hard. But somehow we manage and come out the other end. Glad your Mum is improving - get some cranberry juice for her. My sister was on an especially potent IV antibiotic once - she had a 12 inch shunt in her arm to keep her veins from burning from it. But it worked.


Shirley said...

Sometimes it seems that life just hands us one ordeal after the other but, as Jean said, we manage to get through it. Even though the IV chemo your sister is on has some dangerous side effects it's likely she'll do okay with it. Breast cancer is nasty stuff.

I'm happy your Mum is doing well. That's a real plus at the moment. The UTI should clear up quickly with the right antibiotics.

I'll keep thinking good thoughts for you and yours.

travistee said...

Yeah, we're not 20 anymore are we? Glad mom and sis are on the mend. Pull that smile back out when you're good and ready.

kario said...

Paying attention to the browns sometimes makes us forget the brighter shades - like the fact that the bike riding is going so well and the freedom the economy is giving you to help your mother so much.

I'm not trivializing what you're going through. I hope your mom and sister continue to mend without any more backward motion. In the meantime, enjoy the last of the sunshine and take care of yourself, too.