Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Like Riding A Bike---

I got on the pewter looking for a bike rack for my new bike (since kickstands are so uncool) and found this to be the best one out there.

I just got off of my bike and realized that although you never really forget how to ride a bike, you forget a lot of stuff about riding a bike.

Riding with no hands is harder when you get older. I thought I had just lost some ability to balance but I kept trying. Everytime I let go and sat up while peddling, I was wobbly and my front wheel wouldn't stop going wonky on me and I kept having to grab the handlebars. Not good.

It took me awhile, but I figured out what the problem was. When you are old, you peddle less vigorously and you are slower. You need speed to get the wheels to act like gyroscopes which makes riding with no hands a snap and a breeze. I sped up to childhood speeds and voila! I could still ride proudly with no hands. I remember the days when I rode an old ten speed home from school, one hand holding a book and the other a can of soda... just peddling along. These days its a soda and a burger from a drive-through and some fries held between a couple of fingers while I try and clutch and shift and turn at the light...

Sigh... Times have changed.

I remembered that if you live at the end of a downhill, even if it is slight, to put your bike in a lower gear before you come to a stop. Otherwise, the next day, you'll be faced with an uphill start and a gear that makes one grunt to get going. Grunting is not good when you are older.

I learned a new joke (OK I made it up while riding) -- Why did the red-striped racer (snake) cross the road?

He wanted to beat his old mark of eight sections flat...

I scared the shit out of a guy while on my bike yesterday on the wild side of the lake. There is a sign that warns of bear sightings as you enter into a forested area with a narrow trail and lots of overhanging trees. Some poor guy and his dog must have read the sign and got a little "imaginative" while walking in a clockwise direction. I was coming from the counter-clockwise direction, huffing and grunting slowly up a steep section, and when I peaked at the top of a small hillock and started to head down the other side, the poor guy and his dog were in the trail, the guy was doing his best large bear impression with his hands over his heads and making claws with his fingers, and he yelled like a guy trying to scare away a bear.

He startled me good but I think he was the soiled one in this encounter.

This is the karaoke version of my new cycling song.

Plus there's naked girls...


Anonymous said...

Some poor guy thought you were a bear? You have a lot more cycling to do than I first imagined, Mister!

However, it's good to know you have the ability to scare people if neccessary.

Anonymous said...

Scott, you win a prize for that submission. Check it out at my blog. ww