Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Game Of Horse And Some Good News

After feeling really overwhelmed and not in a good mood at all, I went into town and bought a basketball at our local hardware store. We still have a local hardware store and I enjoyed going through its "sporting goods section" way back in the back. There were two basketballs, three soccer balls, a ping pong set and a badminton set with a crappy net.

Everything- including the basketballs- looked like they had been there a few years and the price- 11.99- seemed old and outdated too.

After whining about the cruelness of life I decided my problem was that I lacked balls. I bought the basketball and splurged on a soccer ball, in the hope that playing with these balls would relieve some of my anxiety.

It always worked before.

So... I took my balls to the local park and played a game of horse for awhile and then dribbled. I was a bit worried about the ranger lady showing up, because you're supposed to donate two dollars to an envelope before you play with your balls. She watched me from her trailer and waived, much to my relief.

Anyway, my sister is doing better and Mum had a good day and a visit from a physical therapist- who turned out to be the same cool (probably gay) guy she had three years ago.

I told him what I was doing with my balls and he said that it was very good for me, and that I should try and keep it up for as long as I could.

Life is better now.


travistee said...

See? You ought to get out and play with your balls more often.

Anonymous said...

Good to see your mum and sister doing a bit better.

Just watch the dribbling with that soccer ball though!

meno said...

Hmmmm. Maybe i should buy some balls.

Nice goose photo.

kario said...

Does your mother know you were playing with your balls at the park?

Sabra said...

Glad things are beginning to look up, Scott. Know that you are being thought of from miles and miles away... Sending a Big Hug! BT

JamieSmitten said...

Clever ending, Scott, clever ending.