Thursday, August 07, 2008

While Bush Spends Millions Of Tax Payer Dollars Watching Kobe Play Basketball...

Dennis is such a worm, but you gotta like his wife...

Seriously, Dennis is doing what half the country would like to see done-- trying to have a Texas styled nut roast on behalf of good old George.

It really IS time to say enough of this horse poopie, people, so let's get the parade going.

The US government is intended to be an open and honest broker of American governmental needs, and what we've gotten this last eight years will take a long time to sweep up after.

So lets get started, shall we?

Sign Dennis's petition.

Even if you live in Canada.


Shirley said...

He is absolutely right. Something should be done about Bush and his notion that he is above the law. He has trashed this country to the point where I almost feel ashamed to be an American. It's time we told him what we think and feel about him and his lawless administration. Something needs to be done to show the world that we don't go along with what he has done.

Shrinky said...

Do Craggy Islanders count?