Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taking The Mum Out For A Frostie--

I had to take Mum out to have a serious test done on her legs. Her circulation is getting worse in her lower legs.

On an outpatient basis, they stick a needle in her artery and flood her lower veins with an imaging dye of some kind, and then take pictures, looking for "oclusions".

Well, they found two of them. One behind each knee...

"Momma, I told you crossing your legs all those years wasn't good for you. You should have sat like a dude."

Anyway, because her veins are collapsed behind her knees, they can't shunt them.

She is looking at contemplating the thought of having vein surgery soon.


I took this picture while Mum was forced to lie still after the procedure. I may regret this picture one day.

There was a moment when she got up to waddle around in a hospital gown and I had a clear shot of hospital butt, but there were too many witnesses.

I waited, instead, until she was dressed and got this one while she cussed at me for claiming I got a shot of her hospital butt...


Cheesy said...

If looks could kill~~
Ya know son.... She signed your birth certificate, she can sign your death certificate too~~~

I'm sending all my healing hippy chick vibes to the woman who helps keep my cheesy ears warm [[[mum]]]

Jeannie said...

You just instinctively know how to make a good time better don't you?

Hope all goes well for your mom. At least they can do stuff these days.

Shirley said...

i'm sorry to hear your Mum is having problems. I'm afraid that when you reach our age you find that a lot of your body is starting to fall apart. The good news is that they have come up with ways to fix us.

I can just imagine her ranting at you for getting a shot of her hospital butt.

When I worked at Stanford Hospital I got to see a lot of those. The most outrageous was an old guy who had testicles that reached almost to his knees and he'd parade around in his hospital gown. Quite a sight!

travistee said...

Hospital butt....I hope you're adding that term to "the lights go on, the lights go off..."
Hope Mum is feeling better soon!

Mushy said...

I thought I was the only one brazen enough to embarrass their mom by snapping shots in the ER!

I'm wishing her the best of luck!

Nikky said...

Hey Scott, at least you're helping to keep your mum feisty, she should look at the bright side of your sense of humor!

Hoping she's doing well!