Saturday, August 02, 2008

Red Headed Step-Children With Attitude--

I've been lucky in a way, lately. I am out of work (well, only insomuch as I not go looking for it) and have savings and time to go out and just walk around a pretty lake. I take the dogs and watch the two of them chase a tennis ball into the water as if there had never been a third dog in these games.
I take my little camera-- the relatively cheap one I opted for instead of an expensive Nikon with an expensive lense. I get my pictures, giving me something to enjoy doing, while my dogs get their sniffs in and the kids that come 'round get their dog lovin' petting in.
These black and pale blue dragonflies are variations on one type I found googling called "skimmers".
They dominate the lake I frequent, and I am just about saturated now with pictures of them.
Yesterday, a couple of mean looking (relatively) red dragonflies came in and started a bit of dragonfly ruckus.
I managed to get a good photo of each of them, which took some doing, as there were only two of them and one of me...
The first red dragonfly I call "redboy", and he looks like he's been scrapping all July.
The second red dragonfly looks like the monster that hung on the wings of the plane in "Twilight Zone, The Movie"
"Now you wanna see something really scary?"
That monster.
I'm off for another walk...


Cheesy said...

Dam those red ones ARE scarey!

Shrinky said...

Scott, this photography is FANTASTIC!! Good enough to be in any nature magazine. I am truly impressed, way to go!!