Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Democratic Convention Is Too Conventional

Watching the Democrats blame Bush for all that ails America is like the time I blamed my brother for breaking a lamp in a fight we had between us.

Ignoring the loss of the 4th Amendment in this country and the 9.6 trillion dollar deficit, the Democrats are now promising to rebuild Georgia. And I don't mean the state over Florida...

It is time to pay attention to what others are seeing from a distance, and we refuse to see at home...

Posted by: Ferre | August 27, 2008 10:29 AM

As a Dutch person (First time I comment, but a long time reader) I find it weird that the two leading parties in America still have people who are supposed to be intellectuals voting for their candidates. The whole world can see that both leading parties in America are totally messed up and populated by corrupted idiots. (apart from a handful of exemptions that is)

It really distresses me that the overall intellectual level of the American people is at such poor level as it directly effects my life outside of the USA. The USA has brought us the war on terror, the war on drugs and countless other counter-productive policies which they enforce upon the world surrounding them, I often wish that the US population would become a little smarter and start ignoring the two parties, after al they have a track record of deceiving their voters and being corrupted to the bone.

From where I'm looking at it the Republican and Democratic parties are like Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola, both basically the same stuff with different labels, with the difference that it's not cola they are selling, but snake oil.

Wake up Americans, PLEASE, for the world's sake.

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travistee said...

Thanks Scott. I am signed up for a Texas site that emails me every time a Texan soldier is hurt or injured. Sometimes I have three emails A DAY. It's sickening...I can't stand it. And when my son said he's leaving the country if 'certain candidate' is elected...I said I was going right with him.
So much for democracy....