Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Libertarianism? Oh Please!!

I'm not working much these days (good for my back, not so good for my belly) so I have time to educate myself on things I've never ventured into before.

I also have time to irritate people with argumentative opinionated bloviations...

The other day, in response to my suggesting that the federal government is too big and pernicious for our own good, someone called me a "fucking Libertarian".

Tee hee.

There is nothing like a good appellation to make sense of a personal point of view.

I wondered, though, what Libertarianism actually was? I wondered if I had a distorted view of Libertarianism, and had dismissed it because of this view? I wondered if the name caller was right, and that I was a Libertarian and didn't even know it?

The answer to that last question, is no. I lean that way, but no. The ideology is a tad too strident for me. But the ideas within the ideology have a lot of merit and deserve to be placed at the table for consideration. The ideas that are foundational in Libertarianism are a good balance for the federal expansion and usurpation of power we see going on before our very eyes. For those who wish to grant the federal government MORE power and control, I urge you to think about what you are inflicting on your fellow human beings.

(Here is a basic thing to consider when thinking about what government should be and do-- the more money government cannot pay for services and programs it thinks is necessary, the more money it prints; the more money it prints, the less the money is worth, meaning the more things cost in your supermarket. When you want something from government that costs money, you are making old, poor people on fixed incomes suffer for your wants. Wanting to help, ends up hurting people like my parents who are on fixed incomes.)

These days, a little shift toward Libertarian philosophy is in the desired cards of many in America who have watched with dismay as the combined Democratic and Republican cabal in Washington have decided we Americans don't need a Bill Of Rights anymore, or government by the people. You have no right to privacy anymore. You have no 5th Amendment right (regarding your finances). You have no right to habeus corpus. You have no right to know what laws are being written by the president behind a closed door. And so on and so forth. Even the Democrats have voted to do this to you.


With that movement in mind, here is a great set of videos that expresses quite clearly, what those core Libertarian ideas are. They may not be perfectly viable, but they make a lot of common sense.


Stucco said...

Didja see Ron voted not to give power to the CPSC to ban lead toys? Said the market would solve that problem- like the poisoned dogs solved the poisonous Chinese dog food problem- er, oh wait. Whoops.

I only go so far with the small government Libertarianism. I respect that Ron Paul is true to his ideals, but I think the Libertarianism is wrong in many contexts.

Stucco said...
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Scott from Oregon said...

I had to think about this one awhile. specially the poisoned dogs thing. I am not sure you are suggesting that government "test" everything we Americans consume?

If you are, have you thought about the COST not only in tax dollars, but in shipping and handling fees added to the cost of everything?

I also agree with his vote on the "significant increase" in funds alotted to "increase the size of another beauracracy in Washington". It isn't that I don't think that it is not a good idea to protect children from tainted toys, I just don't think the government will do a very good job of it, and it will lead people to believe that all toys that "passed" are safe for their children.

If I had kids, I would not be buying them Chinese toys.

At 10 trillion and counting, Ron Paul is right to vote no, here, as well as on any government program contrived by politicians.

The ultimate tanking of the currency will be far more sorrowful for far so many more people than lead in paint.

I could rant on for days about this...