Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's All Done With Smoke And Fears

You may have heard about the lightning storms that came through both Northern California and Southern Oregon, igniting all kinds of problems for we humans.

Our air here in Selma is thick with smoke and the best thing to do is to stay inside with some form of recirculating air.

This is just a picture from the house of our "back forty". You can see just how dry and volatile the grass looks.

So far, we are only dealing with large amounts of California smoke coming over the mountain ranges.

So far.

(My passion flowers are blooming, yeah!!)


Mushy said...

Keep the water hose handy!

I'm always amazed at the intricate designs that "just happen" in nature.

Beautiful shot.

meno said...

That flower is positively erotic.

Stay safe down there, and if you can't, stock up on marshmallows.

Sweeti said...

Hey your back 40 looks the same as my back 40, Smoke and all. I wonder if it made it's way all the way up here.
We did have lots of thunder and lightening last night and the before. I haven't really heard of any fires burning in our area though.

Jeannie said...

I always have to wonder about the orders to stay indoors during smog alerts - or smoke in your case. It's not like the air is filtered before it gets into the house, and houses aren't airtight or we'd run out of oxygen at some point. hmmm

Gorgeous flower

Cheesy said...

Love passion flowers... so purdy!

We are dealing with the smoke here also... They are worried about the air quality at the Olympic trials~ I am worried for the poor Cali land near Big Sur.. I adore that area.. so sad. Thankfully my hay is down and up but I dread hearing the lightening and thunder this time of year. Many of those around me still aren't done and I don't want to relive the hay fires from a few years back...
I feel like sitting on the deck with my trusty hose and standing watch!

Schmoopie said...

That flower gives me ideas! ;)

I am glad we are outta there as I would have had trouble with my asthma! I do miss the warm sand between my toes though.

Shrinky said...

oh my, that passion flower does more than live up to it's name, doesn't it? Beautiful shot Scott.

I have stopped moaning about all the rainfall our little rock receives as of late. Seeing the results of the opposite extreme has surprisingly closed my mouth on that subject. Hope things improve soon hon..

amusing said...

Hope y'all are doing fine.