Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Quiet Waters, Boring Mind--

Aside from horrific dog trauma, things have been pretty dismally noneventful around here.

The news that hangs in our windows and filters the coming summer sun is that my sister is starting up her chemo again.

The last time she had chemo, I shaved my head in solidarity, but...

...some of you may recall... baldness scared the crap out of her.

(I'm a bit scary bald, or so they tell me...)

Indolence breeds indolence. Ever notice? I don't feel funny inside, and the world seems thicker somehow, these days. The less I do, the less I feel like doing. I dunno, maybe it's just age and a creaky back telling me to rest awhile; to take it easy; to spend time reading and learning and satisfying curiosities I've long had about things I've long back burnered. I don't really feel like me all that much, and sometimes wonder if I should do something about it? On the other hand, I feel like I am feeding me, taking time to relax and read and ponder things outside of "how to build it" or "how to fix it"...

Are we mind or are we movement?

Or are we a healthy mixture of both?

Mum is busy filling knitted hat orders. We both had a laugh when she got the stitch count wrong on a hat she's making for fellow bloggers and it fit snugly over a regulation sized soccer ball.

Crap! It is amazing to watch someone pull apart three days worth of knitting in a matter of minutes... All that work!

Now that the weather is warmer, I've been dragging Mum down to the lake (ok, so I drive her down there) where there is plenty of flat asphalt she can motor around on, exercising her spindly grandma legs while getting out to see the ducks and watch the dogs sniff around. We are lucky to have such a nice lake just down the road, so letting it sit idly unused on a warm spring day just seems criminal.

I think AELEOPE has suffered from my lack of internal optimism and goofiness, but it is a reflection of me, after all. I've noticed AELEOPE taken off the link-lists lately, of some blogs I read, and it adds to my over-all feeling of so-whatness and peanut butter malaise...

The economic outlook has slowed the building of stuff down to where there is nothing exciting going on. There is a pizza-place in Cave Junction in the works (A Winnebago ran right through the front of the original building), but I haven't heard much positive in the way of a start date.

We own this property outright, and I've watched the value go from over-inflated to lose 55,000 dollars in this last year of economic downturn. In a way, this is a good thing, as the price of homes was getting ridiculous due to what transpired in the home lending/buying marketplace.

Well, that's it for today. Journal shut. Left-overs await. And I'm hungry for something...


Jeannie said...

Not at all boring - still waters run deep. You aren't telling so many of the fun stories that you were but you are letting us know who you are. Maybe some people don't want more than easy reading tales. They are looking to be entertained. I pretty much never update my links so you'll be there forever. And the feed will still be there and I will keep clicking on it until you no longer post.

Sorry about your sister. I can't imagine - it must upset your mom terribly.

This hasn't been the happiest year of your life. Some years are like that.

Mushy said...

I loved the line "The news that hangs in our windows and filters the coming summer sun...". It seems it is times like these that cause us to be more exacting or poetic in our wording and this explained everything perfectly.

I understand your state of mind and wish for you and yours the best possible outcome.

Cheesy said...

Boy your Mum sure has Wenzel's full attention! I believe it is something in the air my dear... Seems a lot of folks are taking breaks from their "usual" posts.. But this one made me sigh and wish it was a puppy beach day for you.
Hug sis for me next you see her! Hugs are all healing and needed most.
[and you are scarey WITH hair too my friend]

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm sorry about your sister. That's hard.

I think a blog has to reflect where you are in some fundamental way.

meno said...

"so what" indeed.

It's all about you.

Love the picture of the reeds.

Jonas said...

I wish your sister well.

kario said...

Sending lots of hope and light for your sister as she undergoes chemo again.

I, too, have slowed down on my blogging recently and am feeling more introspective. Maybe it's a reflection of the frenetic pace of the elections and home and gas prices going on around us that we feel a need to slow down.

Tammie Jean said...

Hey Scott. Sorry to hear about Waldo. I lost Butchie a few months ago, and I think that's most of the reason I haven't really been posting. It sucks.

Sorry to hear about your sister too. You guys will be in my thoughts.