Sunday, May 04, 2008

Every Selma Has Its Day--

Kristy Lee Cook and a local compilation were gathered in front of our local Ray's Supermarket yesterday. I swung by the local coffee kiosk an hour before the event to chat with the ladies and find out what was about to happen.

There was already a crowd gathering and a line forming to see the local girl who had made it good.

By noon, I had Mum convinced that she didn't need her teeth in just to do a drive-by to see what was happening.

I would love to report that Kristy Lee picked me out of the crowd and blew me a kiss. What really happened was some guy in tattoos yelled at me and said "Hey, You can't park there!"

Mum was pleased that the world had come to Selma, and I was upset because I forgot my camera.

Pictures taken by--Jamie Lusch, Mail Tribune


Cheesy said...

How exciting! Did you at least get a lil' sugar from the coffee gurlies?? :o)

Dogbait said...

Sorry to deflate your bit of excitement but who in the hell is she?

Nah, don't need to know.

Shirley said...

Too bad your Mum couldn't have gotten an autograph.

travistee said...

Um....who is Kristy Lee Cook? I know, I know, I live in Austin under a rock.

Mushy said...

She wasn't quite the best for me, but she was definitely the prettiest!