Thursday, February 21, 2008

Contests Contests Contests...

Jason at Clarity Of Light is running another 250 word fiction contest.

You must write a short story under 250 words using this picture as inspiration. I am entering this time with all dialogue. Just because...


“Where was it?”
“Right beneath the tree, buried maybe a foot.”
“How much you figure’s there?”
“Dunno. Maybe twenty, maybe more.”
“Dang. That’s many.”
“Enough for the man on the dock, I reckon.”
“You think he’d take ‘em like that?”
“Sure why not?”
“They’s heavy. And dirty.”
“We could clean ‘em up some.”
“Okay. Will it be enough for both?”
“Don’t see why not. He’s just turning his head.”
“And it don’t cost no more if you is only turning it once.”
“We could take ‘em to town and turn ‘em in.”
“What? No!”
“Just to get paper, moron! Not “because“! Just to make it easier to carry.”
“I don’t know... I don’t like it when it’s paper. I can’t trust that it’ll keep like when it’s copper.”
“The guy on the dock might want to put it in his pocket, in case someone’s looking.”
“He can just put ‘em next to him and sit on the box. No one’s gonna ask- “What’s in the box?””
“We could paint the word “bait” on the side.”
“Yeah! Bait! Like he‘s fishin‘!”
“And leave the dirt and just toss in some worms. That way, if someone looks in, all they’ll see is dirt and worms.”
“Yeah. I’m likin’ it! But... “
“What if there’s another guard?”
“Whaddya mean?”
“On the ship? What if we can’t sneak on?”
“Then we ain’t going to no Norway.”
“What’ll we do with all them pennies, then?”
“Bury ‘em. Back out by that tree.”

IN OTHER NEWS- Bob has been proclaimed the WINNER of my recent llama days and horsy nights caption contest. Bob entered-

"Come back! When I said I wanted a little ass, I was only speaking figuratively!"

If Bob would step forward and email me (if someone wants to holler at Bob, that would be great) and tell me how big his head is and where he resides, I can make his noggin' a snuggly one.


Bob said...

I'll measure my noggin (I'm assuming circumference) tonight and email you the relevant info.

amusing said...

bob, remember to allow for the beard....

Middle Ditch said...

How's your poor dog?

Shrinky said...

Hahaha! Oh, he's a worthy winner.

Great short story, hope you win.

(ps. I'm back, new site n'all.)

Billy said...

Since you're talking about llamas, I'll have to say you're tagged