Monday, January 28, 2008

Snowfall, Sobbing, Sickness And Blood In The Urine...

We 've been having extremely cold temperatures lately, which led to a large dumping of snow last night. I let Wenzel, my Collie of Love, out this morning and she ran off to pee. When she was done, she sat down in the snow and just stayed there.

"Very well," I thought. "If you are going to be a silly dog and sit in the snow, I am going to take a picture of it!"

A little while later she was at our steps, quietly waiting to be let in.

I let her in and then noticed something.

Wenzel wiggle butt was not wagging her tail.

I watched her for awhile. She was definately sick. She was very sick. It had come on suddenly, and I had flashbacks to when my other dog Tuti got sick.

I had decided to "watch" Tuti.

With Wenzel, I picked her up immediately and carried her to the truck, and drove her to my vet.

Who was closed on Mondays.

So I drove into town. The vet there was busy saving a dog's life, and I was asked to come back in the afternoon.

Wenzel was quiet and could tell me nothing. I hoped she had something curable and simple, but the mind, as you know, raced ahead.

The day dragged on, as I waited and watched. Wenzel decided that she was not going to move at all. She was going to lay down, and do nothing, no matter what.

At three thirty, I was bringing Wenzel into the vet and she squatted and peed.

Oh lordy! It was the best thing ever!!

Her pee was bloodied, and it led the vet straight to an infected kidney, with perhaps a bladder infection too. She got a shot of antibiotics and will be on meds for the next month.

Big baby me stayed with her in the Xray room and sobbed like a little girl.

I'm just not cut out for losing things I love.

(The coldness outside has created some interesting ice patterns in our gold fish pond. )


Mushy said...

Terrific shots man!

Stucco said...

I'm glad Wenzel is on the mend- she's a sweetie.

LadyBronco said...

I am so very glad your baby is going to be alright!

**fantastic shots, btw...

meno said...

I'm glad that they were able to fix your pup.

Those pictures are amazing.

Sweeti said...

Wenzel should be feeling better within a couple days, good call on the Vets visit. It's so hard to tell what's up with them when they are sick.
It's cold and icy here too! Brrrrr!

Shirley said...

It's too bad they can't tell us there is something wrong before the symptoms become so severe. Those urinary tract infections are a real bear, trust me. Give her lots of love and a few special treats.

The shots you took are really great. Isn't it amazing how ice forming on something can make such intricate patterns?

Jeannie said...

So sorry about Wenzel - she must have been really hurting - the snow probably felt good. Glad you took her in...

We get a lot of ice and snow - I never see beautiful shots like you got. Guess it's all in how you look.

amusing said...

what everybody said...

Bob said...

We had to have a pet put down just over a year ago. I cried then and still think of him often.

I'm glad Wenzel is on the mend.

Carmi said...

I am so glad it turned out not to be as major as you had feared. Been there at the vet's, and it's not a happy place to be. It's OK to cry there, too. These furry beings matter. A lot.