Sunday, March 11, 2007

Looking For My Purple Pants--Or, Blog Archeology 101

I'll be busy being purple for a few days.

I hope I get to move on in the Battle Of The Blog Competition, but if not, I'll find a way to get under people's skins some other way.

If you haven't already, do some archeology around here and read some archived stories.

Stories never get old and they don't need a recent date stamp to be relevant.

And since I never intended this blog to be about me or just my stories, leave a link to your own favorite story you've told on your blog or a friend's blog. Come on, swap a tale with someone and make their day.

And tell me, what is your favorite story of mine and why? Maybe leave that link too.

Anyway, I've pulled my purple pants out of the cedar chest and I am off to the woods, though not fully out of the house, as you can tell.

Don't know when I'll be back, but Spring weather is here and DST is here and I've got some chainsawing and hiking to do so I need to tighten my belt and bootstraps and chain and get on it.



Sandy said...

I like this one, because I'm your sister...

Lizza said...

First of all, that cartoon is damn funny!

My favorite posts: the one about pizza and Margaret, and the one when you were broke in Japan and set fire to a grassy area near the beach.

I'm sharing this post from one blogger whose writing I just adore. Her name is H and she's a young filmmaker in India.

Cheesy said...

So far my favorite of yours is:
It so reminds me of my trip to the top of Longs Peak in Colorado.[and you said cheesy! lol] That has to be one of the most awesome undertakings I've ever experienced! I was scared chitless most of the time and the most alive I had felt in a long time..I really need to sit and write about that event!

To date my favorite of mine is:

Pretty much anytime I can get my gut level feelings in print I feel peace.

Nikky said...

UGH! I went and looked, you lost by ONE measley little vote...I feel bad, I should have voted for you one more time (as if 4 weren't enough!)

I think my fav story of yours is that one with the girl stuck in the kiyack (Oh, I know I spelled that sucker wrong... but you know what I mean!)kyac kyack (shit) kiyac (nope...) WHAT IS IT???

Nikky said...

kayak!!! I went to the post and looked it up!
gawd, I am a dork...

Nancy Dancehall said...

I always wait until that one night a week when everyone is already in bed and I'm not falling asleep myself to sneak over here and read your posts without interruption.

My favorite.... wow. Either Margaret and the pizza, or your mom's stories of Israel and San Francisco.

Or the girl peeing out the window at the movies, but that's the adolescent boy in me. Um. Wait, that didn't sound right...well, it did sound right but... oh, just call the cops already, will ya?