Friday, February 02, 2007

Aging Rockstars And What They Should Be Singing--

We are all getting old. So are internet jokes like this list. But since the inevitable is indeed, inevitable, here is the list. I had too many stories in my head tonight to separate them cohesively and lay one down...

Instead, I am succumbing to the inevitablility of jokes getting old...

By contributing to the aging process...


HERMAN'S HERMITS:"Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Walker"
THE BEE GEES:"How Can You Mend A Broken Hip"
THE TEMPTATIONS:"Papa's Got A Kidney Stone"
RINGO STARR:"I Get By With A Little Help From Depends"
MARVIN GAYE:"I Heard It Through The Grape Nuts"
PROCOL HAREM:"A Whiter Shade Of Hair"
JOHNNY NASH:"I Can't See Clearly Now"
LEO SAYER:"You Make Me Feel Like Napping"
ABBA:"Denture Queen"
PAUL SIMON:"Fifty Ways To Lose Your Liver"
ROBERTA FLACK:"The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face"
COMMODORES:"Once, Twice, Three Times To The Bathroom"
ROLLING STONES:"You Can't Always Pee When You Want"
BOBBY DARIN:"Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' A Flash"

See ya tomorrow with coffee...


Roger said...

HaHa thats great!!! hey Scott I am originally from Ontario Ore. I be moving back around there in a few months man I miss those mountains out there

Tisty said...

Hi Scott *waving enthusiastically* Glad to see that your fat man has gone.... from your blog anyway!!! So how did your own battle to rediscover your hip bones go???? I'll come over to play mid week and read all that I missed (which is a lot you bloody brilliant writer you) This was just a quick hullo to say I-am-alive-and-nice-to-know-you-are-likwise!

Nikky said...

HaHa, these are great (this is my kind of music, so I can 'hear' them each in my head as I was reading them)
A good laugh is a good way to start my day, Thanks Scott!

Karmyn said...


That was absolutely hilarious. A great way to start the day. Thanks!

(the first one had me in stitches because I LOVE Mrs. Brown)

Pamela said...

How about
BEATLES: HELP Me If You can i'm Fallling Down.

Rose said...

Scott lol.

"MARVIN GAYE:"I Heard It Through The Grape Nuts"

Too funny!