Thursday, December 07, 2006

Teach Your Kids Not To Be Stupid Like That Guy James Kim Who Just Froze To Death

I normally don't rant and rave about "issues" in the news. I leave that to ranters and ravers. But in this case, I figured, since it happened not far from me, I should say something, because... well... I haven't written another story and I am pissed off and angry and upset.... and...

That guy who died not far from here who is all over the news was an idiot. If you raise kids, don't raise idiots, please. Teach them to be practical. Teach them simple things of a practical nature. Teach them to solve problems that don't involve calculus. Teach them to be boy scouts, for christ sakes!

Take your kid camping and show him a goddamn tree!

Show him that it burns and that you can stay warm by burning small parts of it.

Teach them how to climb a tree so they can figure out where the hell they are.

Teach them to follow roads.

Teach them to always, always always, carry a few extra blankets when traveling in winter.

Teach them to make sound decisions and to know when they should turn around.

Teach them about moss on the north side, and thermal protection.

For christ sakes, teach them not to be absolute idiots so that if they make a mistake, they can resolve the problem without just making things worse.

Take them camping, and teach them how to remember what it is like, before cell phones and computers.

Make them walk a lot, so they remember how to walk.

Holy crap, raise a human being and not just a one dimensional brain...

OK. I feel a little better now. But not much. I used to drive down Bear Camp Road to go to a great swimming hole on the Rogue in the summer. I hate to say it, but the guy faced minimal danger and still got himself killed and his family ruined.


Don't raise bonehead kids!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, okay. I promise not to raise an idiot.

In fact, I plan to raise a surgeon so the whole "freezing to death" thing won't be a real possibility because my son will know how the human body works.

Plus, it doesn't really snow all that much here which minimizes the risk.

Oh, also I'm his Mother... so he's destined to learn all sorts of stuff that he may now deem useless, but one day he's definitely going to have an epiphany regarding the wisdom I've imparted.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Amen brother!!

Nikky said...

I agree, I still feel awful for that wife and those little girls... that man, by being an idiot has caused such pain and loss to them.

Liz said...

First rule in winter storms: Don't leave your car!

What happened to this guy is a perfect example of what NOT to do.

Maggie said...

Yes sir! No idiots to be raised in this household. Scouts all and to experience camping. Not the whimpy, I need a fifth wheel camping either. The tent kind! Yeah. And outhouses! Yeah!

CapricornCringe said...

WOW. That was completely uncalled for and unnecessary.

I've never known you to be an asshole, Scott. Didn't think you had it in you ...

Scott from Oregon said...

Intersting take on that, CC.

And sure I was being a bit rough on the poor dead guy, but I also know he now has a severly traumatized wife and two kids without a father, not because of some "accident" or unforeseen circumstances, but because the guy had zero common sense. I am angry that he is dead the way one gets angry over a suicide.

If you knew some of the facts and knew the area, you would just be amazed at how badly he screwed everything up for himself.

Mapquest says I can go this way, so irregardless of the facts in front of me, I am going to go this way.

My opinion stands. If you got kids, teach them some common sense and you won't be hearing about a grieving widow and fatherless kids in these situations.

The guy was less than a mile from a lodge the whole time.

Had he but climbed a tree and looked, he would have seen a chimney burning.

Copa said...

He really tried hard, and I admire this. But he also made a few very bad mistakes.

1. Ignoring the signs saying that the road was snowed in during the winter, and continuing on the road while having to stop several times to move rocks blocking the way(!)

2. Choosing a path that took him through deep, nearly freezing water. This is guaranteed to kill anyone quickly, and he probably made this decision before he was hypothermic, since he only walked a few miles down the road when he turned into the gully.

3. Running out of gas using his car's heater. The gas would have been put to much better use starting fires. Even cold and wet wood will burn if you put some gasoline on it. Burning down a few pine trees would have made a good signal fire.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Ok. Now I know what to do. I'll be sure to pass the knowledge on.

CapricornCringe said...

BAH! We can disagree ... I still love you :)

Karmyn R said...

My husband and I have been talking about this (He has driven around that area quite a bit).

Teach your children NEVER drive off the main road when its snowing in the mountains....that in itself was the most preventable thing.

I think the same thing happened last year to that family - but they were in a motorhome, so had tons of food. And then when they were rescued there was a warrant for their arrest in Arizona.

Scott from Oregon said...

Hi karmyn-- yes, I remember those knuckleheads too. The thing about this guy, was that he had a seven month old baby on board, and still just ambled on like mapquest knew more than common sense and outward signs. He was a smart guy, but had just been too insulated in his life to understand simple things that we should all have knowledge of.

Imagine the next generation of kids who grew up pushing buttons with their thumbs...

That is what I am saying. Take those kids out and let them know about the world that will kill them.

Cheesy said...

Although he did a few smart things that did aid in the families rescue... he started off on the wrong foot. It peeves me also that the media has made him into some kind of hero to worship... DUMB MOVE! More energy should be spent on pointing out the faults in his decisions and less on glorifying him. I've done a bit of camping in that area also, Indian Mary area.... man I wouldn't attempt walking around there in winter! Hard enough in summer.