Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Morning Commute And A Cup Of Joe--

I can get to work before my coffee either gets finished or gets cold. I find that awfully cool. I am working a few thousand yards from my house and I don't have to worry about traffic. I work so close I can put a gallon of gas in my truck and make it last all week. I drive down a one lane road lined with blackberry bushes and evergreen trees. My dogs haven't even had time to fight over the open window by the time I get there.

If my windshield wasn't so dirty and cracked, you could see where I was going. Just down the road, and up a steep driveway to a two story house on a muddy lot. If I had to choose a way to make a living, it would start like this...

I have nine days to write 15,000 words. I think I'll make it.

Wish me luck... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Driving in the rain, with a dirty, cracked windshield and taking a photo of it?

The nursey part of me wants to slap the silliness right out of you, but there's the distance issue because I live in Australia.

Go go Gadget arms, maybe?

Allie D. said...

You will definitely make it!! I wish I'd been able to have that kind of an output. I didn't realize how much competition my creative mind would have from my "obliged to write stupid shit for school" mind.

Hammer said...

At least we got a clear shot of your hairy knuckles ;)

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I think if you don't eat too much turkey for Thanksgiving you'll be fine with 15,000 words--tryptophan.

Gobble Gobble!

I wish I could see out of your windshield.

Nikky said...

Hey Scott, I'm planning on using my four-day weekend wisely,I've got some catching up to do!
I've got 17,814 to go (ok, maybe a few over that, to account for counter differences!)

Beautiful view (I assume, nice knuckles tho!) beats the heck out of mine!!

Nikky said...

my view, that is, your view beats my view!! I am certain that my knuckles are prettier than yours..hands down! LOL

Good Luck with your 15K to go, don't think you need it tho, you're going like nuts lately!!

Scott from Oregon said...

Nikky--You have four days to burn your eye sockets right out of their hollow spots and you will put together a good run for the finish, I can feel it. Good luck and great effort so far!

Yes miss, cheesy, it is nearly impossible to make the brain do both, unless you are Isaac Asimov...

Hammer--now that is what a hand that has held a hammer for twenty five years looks like. Study it, it may save your life someday.

Flat coke and happy thanksgiving and turkey naps and all of that!

Yes, Kylie, I know where you hail your taxis. Wine country is just north and east of you?

Regards all. I am 12,00 shy of making it now. I don't have to finish the story, though, do I?