Monday, November 13, 2006

Big Brother Is Being Watched

My brother brought my Mum up late Friday night and hung out for a bit. I don't see him as often as I should but it was nice to have him around. He talks more than I do as part of his nature. He's chatty. He has opinions on everything, from the Iraq war to my story I am writing to my rogue eyebrow hairs that I should trim (in Oregon. where I live?) and the best rub for ribs and how he taught his daughter to strike for gold if a man is hassling her and her new boyfriends and how he doesn't trust the really friendly, horny looking one because he reminds him of himself, and that shit may have worked once...

And as per usual, we talked alot (in front of Mum) about all the really stupid kid stuff we got up to like the time I shot him with an arrow or the time he peed in a lemonade bottle and got me to taste it.

"How's your beer, Steve?"


"Oh, nothing... What, you don't want it now?"

For those of you following Sam's Day Off (all three of you) I'll just say it has been an oddly gratifying experience to stick to that kind of commitment, even though the writing and story suffer in their lack of complexity due to the pressure one feels to keep it all moving along. At this juncture, I would recommend the experience to anyone who has had the thought running in the back of their mind "I should write a novel" ever since their high school lit. class when some hippy chick teacher told you "You have a way with words."

Having Steve around reminded me of so many really funny things that happened to us as kids. Unfortunately, this is November, the month of Nanowrimo, and I am knee deep in digging myself out. The good thing about a story is it gets better with age. And as long as my memory doesn't get conked on the head, I'll be sure to tell those tales, further down the line...

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Flat Coke and Flies said...

I have one sister. She is married to a dick head so I don't go around as often as I used to. I miss spending time with her but she sure has a way of getting on my nerves. KNOW-IT-ALL.

I have been a little busy the past couple of days. I've gotta get back to reading the novel.

Anonymous said...

so, what? did you get my email or something?
Yeah, yeah, I started it. I'm up to 5600 this morning. Wow, I'm already over 1/10th done!
Good luck with yours!!
(btw, my brother is also Steven, weird, huh? He's a chatty bugger, too, must be the name)

Anonymous said...

pssst, Scott? did you feel warm fuzzies just now? I was talking about you...

Scott from Oregon said...

Nikky, I am certainly sure YOU knew what you were talking about, but I am not quite certain I am sure I know what you were trying to tell me...

Flat missy with coke and who can fly-- A penis with ears, huh? That's unpleasant.

I am a know-it-all too. I get teased about it. My second most often stated sentence fragment is-- "Did you know.... I read it somewhere."

(My first, of course, is --"Hey. You gonna eat that?"

Anonymous said...

aw, scott, I love ya, but you do get a bit thick sometimes, dontcha?
1) I sent you an email thanking you for inspiring me to do NaNoWriMo...
2)I was writing about you & your blog over on MY blog... and how much I LUUURRVVEEE your blog!

Cheesy said...

Scott~~ I'll loan you my "girl in a bubble" suit if you'd like... might save your bean from a good conckin'... cant miss your ending now can we?

mary said...

Siblings eh..where or who would we be without them. In front of mum she must've enjoyed it as much if not more..they're smarter than we gave them credit for back then and now too probably.

Parents..get one heck of a raw deal from us spoiled..over-loved, way over-rated & bratty kids do they not. Yep.

Thanks much for the 25peeps tip..ten regulars you say..hmm I'll be hard pressed to find 2..even my own younger brother gets sidetracked by all the t&a he encounters once there. See how they are..not only catty but good for ltleelse as well. ;O)

I've not had the pleasure of reading your literary work in progress as of yet..but will give it a read tomorrow.

Impressive..not easy to stick to a writing plan that's not of one's own making. I registered for it..then life and a few much loved but very needy people got in the way and I had to renig.

I year then.

Ha..I finally found you!

online for 22 days.
518 clicks, 316 referals

Pretty damn decent stats..congrats!

Scott from Oregon said...

Cheesy, I could really use a girl in a bubble right about now. Don't they have shows like that in Vegas?

Nikky am certainly dense sometimes. I don't understand the female mind and I freely admit it. WAY to much intrigue going on in those things.

Hi Mary. (Mary has a doberman so I like her already.)

Anybody who had the intention of doing it this year and didn't, I have a suggestion. Make it your goal to write an OUTLINE of a novel during htis month. Just the bare skeleton. Then NEXT YEAR, you can take names and kick asterisks...

Cheesy said...

Scott~~ I hear there was a show like that in Tillamook... but the girls all got washed away last week..... floatin out to sea... sigh